Love a beach house? Make it your own!

housing society in Mohali

Whether you are living in a cottage or a contemporary housing society in Mohali or Delhi or any other city away from the beach, you can use simple home décor tricks and add some furniture pieces to get the seaside feel.

Here are some simple ways in which you can add the beach feel to your home:

Indoor Plants

A beach is all about bringing nature close to you. And what can be better than adding some healthy greenery to your house? Get large indoor plants for your living room and put them in places where they look the best- choose a corner, window sill, or the sides of the door. Put the plants in pots made of natural materials like glass, clay, ceramic, or wood, and avoid artificial material pots.

Shell and Glass Décor

When you say ‘beach’, shell and glass are probably the materials that can simulate a beach environment in the best way. Find décor in a mix of shell and glass, and don’t overdo just one. Large glass bottles in bright colors, vintage lamps, washed-back picture frames, etc. are the best choices.

Floor Pillows

A beach-style home is incomplete without floor pillows and cushions in different sizes and bright beach hues. Plus, floor pillows allow for open space and more seating, giving the open-air feel of a beachside.

Lounger Sofa Set

Beach-side is all about being laid-back and airy; a large lounge sofa with white or neutral-tone slip covers can be great.

Living in a contemporary housing society in Mohali, or any other city, is all about enjoying space, comfort and luxury, so why not add a unique beach-style look to it! Well, you cannot actually set up everything that’s exactly same as a beach house, but yes creating the beach aura isn’t a tough thing to do either.

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