Points to Keep in Mind When Buying a Property in Delhi


Being the capital of India, Delhi is one of the most developed and populated cities. Therefore, buying a house in Delhi is a dream of many. Every year, lakhs of people move to this city for job and education. The city has developed so much in so little time that it has made buying a house in Delhi difficult and there are several reasons behind it. However, whenever you decide to buy a property in Delhi, keep the following in mind:

1. Location

Most of the good locations in Delhi are occupied and those in which houses are available are expensive. If you are looking for a house in Delhi, make sure it is travel-friendly and public transport is accessible. Another thing you can do is buy a house around Delhi that is in the national capital region (NCR). NCR is home to several commercial and housing spaces. However, location again plays a vital role. Say, for example, you are planning to buy a house in Noida, ensure that the housing project is near Noida metro station. Metro is the lifeline of Delhi-NCR and makes travelling quite hassle-free.

2. Builder’s Reputation

Because of the abundance of people moving in, some builders have used this to dupe homebuyers and offer them a substandard house at a high price after making strong promises. Before buying the house, research about the builder and find the reputation to see if it can be trusted or not.

3. Rental Rates

If your stay in Delhi is temporary, it makes more sense to rent instead of buying. Getting a house on rent with family or colleagues or classmates can reduce the monthly cost. However, the rent of a house depends from area to area, so ensure that it is within your budget. But, if you decide to buy a house in Delhi, prefer the area where you can get good return on your investment.

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