3 Different Types of Office Spaces that you can Purchase

Buying an Office Space

A business space in a commercial hub like Noida can prove to be quite expensive. In order to meet the budgetary constraints for most customers, commercial real estate developers categorize the property into three main types. In this article, the facilities offered by the three different types of office spaces have been discussed.

If you want to purchase an office space in a commercial and industrial hub like Noida, then it is essential that you choose the location of the property with care. Usually, commercial towers offer office spaces to both established and medium order business houses. Nevertheless, the choice of a particular type of office space will depend upon the amount of money you are prepared to invest.

Selecting an Office Space

Say, for instance, you want to purchase an office space that is strategically located in a commercial tower that enjoys an excellent location in NCR. In such a situation, you must check out the commercial projects being developed by renowned realtors. These properties are lucrative investment options and hence, must be selected with care. Commercial office spaces can be categorized as luxurious, high-end and utilitarian. Depending on your budgetary constraints and the exact facilities that you are looking for, you can choose to purchase a particular office space. Some of the essential features of the three different types of office spaces that you can consider purchasing have been discussed below.

Different Types of Office Spaces

If you are looking for commercial office space for sale then the major factors that you must take into consideration are the facilities available within the commercial tower and the design of the office space. The three basic types of office spaces available in a commercial hub like Noida are as follows:

Luxury Offices: These are generally the most expensive office spaces within a commercial tower. These offices offer facilities like dedicated elevators that take the visitors directly to your company’s office. Along with a luxuriously designed office space, you will also get a dedicated parking spot. This will make the parking hassle-free for your employees and clients. If you purchase a luxury office space, then you will receive privileges like free membership to the health club and gymnasium within the commercial tower.

High-end Office Spaces: These are beautifully-designed office spaces that are equipped with modern specifications. However, the design and interiors of these offices are less opulent. The high-end offices usually are more modern with least wastage of space. If you purchase a high-end office space you too can enjoy privileges like free membership to the health club, swimming pool and tennis court within the commercial tower.

Utilitarian Office Spaces: These office spaces have functional layouts with efficient use of space. The reception area and the guest waiting facilities available in these offices effuse a sense of efficiency. Such office spaces can help create a positive impact on the clients and stakeholders of your company.

Thus, depending on your budget and the type of facilities that you are looking for, you can choose to purchase a commercial office space. However, it is advisable that you purchase the property from a renowned real estate developer to be assured of the authenticity as well as the legality of the transaction.

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