Advantages of investing in a Shop cum office spaces in Mohali


Over the years, commercial property value has significantly increased in Mohali due to its growth potential. More and more people have started buying commercial spaces in Mohali for the promising returns & value of the city. Due to the increased interest from investors and business owners for buying commercial spaces, many giant real estate developers provide their SCO properties in Mohali.

SCO simply refers to the term shop cum office. This term has revolutionized the commercial real estate industry to think of stepping in developing SCO properties. SCO’s are the best alternative option to relocate the growing businesses and flourishing shops. Managing the operations in the office and business in two different locations is a daunting task for the business administration. Having a combined place where you can manage both business and operations will keep you focused to get success. Along with the business owners, SCO properties also benefit the commercial investors in many associated ways.

Here are some of the benefits of investing in the shop come office properties in Mohali:

Higher Income Potential

If you are looking to invest your hard-earned money in commercial spaces for wealth creation, SCO properties are the right choice to get even income. Investors can also get rental benefits by purchasing commercial properties in Mohali. The location is one of the major factors which must be considered seriously before buying commercial properties. If you buy a commercial land in Mohali at a good location, obviously you can get more rent and better resale price. By renting or leasing out the SCO spaces in Mohali for the businesses, you can generate a regular monthly income.

Resale Value

Once you purchase the commercial property, you don’t have to worry about the resale amount of the property. Due to the rising commercial growth in the city, the selling price of commercial spaces has risen more than ever. Demand for the commercial spaces is from business people to setup their ventures in a growing commercial hub is directly proportional to the property price in Mohali.

Cost savings

SCO spaces are the best cost-effective deal for the potential business owners who are interested in relocating their shop and office under the same roof. Instead of spending on a new and separate commercial space for shop or office, it’s better to move into a single spot where they can manage both business and operations. This gives huge savings on cost in all aspects to the business owners and a peace of mind to splurge on other important requirements of the business.

Many Investors and business-oriented people are looking forward to buying the industrial plot in Mohali to get the above-mentioned benefits. Once you have decided to buy shop cum office property in Mohali, it is most important to choose your real estate developer after a careful analysis. Find a reliable and transparent real estate developer who can deliver exactly what you expect in the commercial space.


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