What are the Advantages of Purchasing a Food Court Space in a Shopping Complex?


For restaurateurs opening a small sized eateries, within the food court of a mall is always a lucrative proposition. In a place like Noida, which is a thriving commercial and industrial centre, stall spaces within the shopping complexes and malls, are always much sought after commercial property. Since, these spaces are primarily like stalls, the monetary investment required would be much less, in comparison to purchasing a full-scale restaurant space. The management of a renowned real estate development firm mentions that often recognized food chains, especially fast food chains, prefer purchasing stall spaces in the food courts of shopping complexes. Usually, these small scale eateries act as take away counters. However, there are many other advantages of purchasing a stall space in a food court and some of these have been discussed below.

Benefits of Purchasing a Stall Space in a Shopping Complex

Real estate development firms, with vested interest in developing commercial properties in Noida, mention that building a mall or a shopping complex is a lucrative proposition. Being an established commercial hub, Noida naturally has a good population of individuals with sufficient disposable income. Individuals, from the high income group are usually the ones who visit and make purchases from a shopping complex. To make it easier for them to shop and dine, real estate developers construct food courts within the shopping complex. The food courts space Noida that you purchase, from a renowned real estate developer, will come replete with facilities. Subsequently, the amenities provided will ensure complete customer satisfaction. The food court space will also be built adhering, to all fire and electricity safety measures. Some of the other facilities offered by food court spaces in a high end shopping mall have been discussed below:

  • Expansive space: A food court is usually extensive in size with a seating capacity of more than a hundred guests. The common seating areas for diners make it easier for families to sit together and have dinner. Similarly, the extensive area of the food court make it easier for bigger groups of diners to sit together for a meal. Hence, with a food stall space in a food court of a shopping mall, you will have a greater reach to a wider customer base. This will subsequently make it easier for you to realize the investment with ease.
  • Proximity to multiplexes: Shopping complexes usually have multiplexes and movie theatres. These multiplexes are also crowd pullers. It has also been observed that the movie goers often step into the food court for a quick bite and also for lunch or dinner. Thus, the multiplexes make it easier for food court stall owners to reach out to a wide range of customers.

Thus, purchasing a food stall space in a shopping complex, located in a thriving industrial and commercial centre like Noida, is always a lucrative proposition. Nevertheless, it is advisable that you purchase the space from a renowned realtor, to be assured of the legality of the transaction and also for the facilities offered.

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