Two Major Types of Commercial Properties that you Should Consider Investing in

retail space

Individuals looking to purchase commercial properties, must first evaluate the end use of the particular commercial property. This will again depend on the categorization of the particular commercial property. Say for instance you want to set up a store that sells clothes manufactured by various brands. In such a scenario, you should consider purchasing a retail space, located within a shopping mall. Similarly, in order to set up an office, you should purchase a commercial property designated as ‘office space’ and preferably within a business tower. Hence, depending on the business activities that can be carried out with a particular commercial property, the categorization of the properties have been done. Some of the commercial properties that you can purchase in India have been discussed below.

Essential Features of a Retail Space

The categorization of commercial properties can be done on the basis, of the functionalities, of a particular commercial property. For instance, if you are looking for a retail space in Noida, then you should ensure that you are being provided the following facilities:

  • The retail space should be located within a high end shopping mall or complex. This will ensure that there is a good footfall in your store and you are able to realize your investment quickly.
  • The retail space should be of different sizes, so that you can select a store area that meets your requirements.
  • The mall itself should have a power back up system, so that even in case of a power failure, customers are able to continue shopping with ease.
  • The mall should be located in the proximity of arterial roads, so that customers find it easy to reach the shopping complex. If you purchase a retail space within a mall located near the Metro, then you can be assured of even higher footfall, to your store.

Thus, while purchasing a retail space, it is advisable that you buy one that is located within a shopping complex, being developed by a renowned realtor. This will subsequently ensure that the location of the property is excellent and also guarantee the legality of the property itself. You can also be assured of the authenticity of the transaction, when you purchase the retail space from a renowned realtor.

Essential Features of an Office Space

Commercial properties that have been designated as office spaces are usually purchased by investors, entrepreneurs and Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs). These commercial spaces have all the essential facilities required to set up an office. Usually, office spaces are located within business towers, which have facilities like parking areas, elevator service and modern security system. While purchasing an office space, it is also essential to ensure ease of travel. In other words, you must make sure that the office space, you wish to purchase, provides easy access to the public transportation system. This will make it easier for your company employees to commute to and from work, regularly. Thus, depending upon the type of business activities you wish to carry out, you should select a particular commercial property.


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