Unique Features of the Metro Mart in Noida

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Being a part of the Delhi National Capital Region (NCR), Noida has recently seen a surge in commercial activities. It is home to numerous offices and retail stores. The real estate developers have come up with several projects that offer commercial spaces in Noida. The Metro Mart at Wave City Center is an ideal destination for those who’re looking for a retail space in Noida. The Metro Mart is conveniently located at Sector 32 right in the heart of Noida. A retail store within the Metro Mart is bound to receive high footfall, especially from the high-income group.

Essential Features of the Metro Mart

Other than the convenience of location, the Metro Mart has many other features, some of which are as follows:

  • The entire mart is centrally air-conditioned with a twenty-four hours power back up. This means, in case of a disruption in the power supply, the air condition in the mall and in your store will continue to function with the help of the backup generator.
  • The metro mart retail shops in Delhi NCR will be independent stores with sizes ranging from three hundred and fifty square feet to six hundred and fifty square feet. Depending on the type of products that you wish to sell, you can choose the store size.
  • The project developers Wave Infratech is working towards building a direct access to the metro station from the first and second floor of the mart. This will be very convenient for regular shoppers.
  • The mart comes with a huge food court with a seating capacity of three hundred and fifty guests. The extensive size of the food court will also be a major attraction for regular shoppers. Subsequently, it will also draw a number of prospective customers for the retail stores in the mart.
  • The mart has separate demarcated regions for ‘Hypermarket’ and ‘Fashion Stores’. These are larger spaces designed keeping in mind the end use of the particular floor space.
  • The mart has a huge atrium. Although, the atrium is not directly related to your business, yet it will add to the overall ambiance of the mall. The atrium space makes the mall upscale, modern as well as elegant.
  • There is an extensive parking area within the mart building. This ensures that there is sufficient parking space for the cars of both visitors and shop owners.
  • The entire mart is surrounded by landscaped gardens and perfectly manicured lawn, which adds to the overall appeal of the mart.
  • The realtor has also ensured that the retail stores on the ground floor are double in height, to make these retail spaces more spacious.

Thus, in all respects, a retail space in Metro Mart will be a lucrative investment. Moreover, the project’s developer will help you secure loans from renowned banks and financial institutions, to make it easier for you to procure a retail space. Hence, if you are an entrepreneur looking to open a retail store in a busy retail mart, then you can definitely consider the Metro Mart.

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