3 Interesting Places That You Must Visit When in Mohali

places to visit in mohali

Known as the go-to destination for Indian and foreign travelers visiting Chandigarh city of Punjab, the Mohali district has its own charm. Religious, historic monuments, amusement parks or wildlife sanctuary, Mohali has it all to entice travelers and help them make memories. This is one of the reasons why people from different Indian states and even foreign lands love to visit this district of Chandigarh. If you are a nature lover, historical fact seeker or a religious person, Mohali has it all to keep you engaged. Beside this, its close proximity to the mountainous region of Himachal Pradesh adds another reason of attraction to it. A visitor traveling to the state of Punjab has a myriad of choices of places to visit in Mohali.

Given below are the three interesting places to visit in Mohali if you are going there for a shorter stay:

1. Gurdwara Amb Sahib, Mohali

As one of the most visited historic places in Mohali, Gurdwara Amb Sahib is known for its importance related to the seventh Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Har Rai Ji. Since the time a miracle was once performed by Guru Har Rai Ji in that place, it holds special importance for thousands or even more visitors who visit there every year. This Gurdwara is also popular for a miraculous mango tree which bears fruit throughout the year. Want to touch your religious side on your visit to Mohali? List this place in your itinerary.

2. Gurdwara Singh Shaeedan

Places, where the chapters of history and religion intersect in their definitions, hold significant value for the history lovers, and Gurdwara Singh Shaeedan is one of them. If you are one of them, you should definitely visit this place which symbolizes martyrdom of brave Sikhs in the Anglo – Sikh War. You will also enjoy a number of Kirtan Samagams organized in this Gurdwara by preachers and Sikhism Awareness Communities.

3. Thunder Zone Amusement and Water Park

Want to enjoy your trip to Chandigarh greatly in one of the best places to visit in Mohali? This amusement cum Water Park has all you need to have a great time with your family and children. A number of rides for children and adults, boat club, cars and much else, visiting this place will surely make your trip to Mohali amazing and memorable.

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