3 Places to Visit If You Are Planning a Budget-Friendly Summer Vacation

places to visit in mohali

For a budget friendly summer trip with your family, you can beat the heat by either visiting a hill station, a city with lakes and gardens, or similar other places. Here are three places to visit in India for a low-cost summer trip with your family detailed in this blog.

In India, children start to sing chores of ‘Summer Holidays’ just at the same time when that big ball of fire in the sky show up its full might of heat. Just the thought of annual summer vacation is full of excitement and expectations for both children and their parents. So, what have you planned to escape the summer heat this year? If you have made your mind not to visit your uncles, aunts or distant relatives this summer in India, plan to witness some of the best attractions to visit in Mohali, Manali, Shimla and others in a budget-friendly trip.

Here are three places to visit for a low-cost summer trip with your family:

  • Manali
    A trip to the mountains with a slight impression of snow-covered ranges in Manali can give you a breath of fresh excitement. In fact, Manali is one of the most beautiful places to beat the heat of the summer season in India. Its mesmerizing scenic beauty and miraculous greenery will surely relax your mind and soul.
  • Shimla
    Capturing the essence of impressive mountains signifying Indian magnificence, Shimla is known to offer you all that you seek from a summer trip. For a relaxing and enjoyable trip away from the hot weather in the plains, you can make memories with a visit to this cool place in India.
  • Chandigarh
    Chandigarh city symbolize growing modernity and rich cultural heritage side by side. With its most visited places including Rock Garden, Sukhna Lake and others, you can give yourself an enjoyable break from the stressful work life. Also, you can travel nearby to visit the best attractions to visit in Mohali city.

Memories of a summer vacation well enjoyed with your family will be for life. So, plan a budget-friendly summer trip and enjoy life truly.

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