Mohali- An Emerging City of Punjab

Emerging City of Punjab

The city of Mohali is situated on the west side of Chandigarh and is an extension of the state capital. The city is also named Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar after Sahibzada Ajit Singh, the eldest son of Guru Gobind Singh. Mohali and Panchkula are two satellite cities of Chandigarh. The trio of these three cities is collectively known as Chandigarh Tricity. Formerly, the city was a part of the Rupnagar district of the state of Punjab. The city is made up of lush green surroundings, open and spacious areas, and ecosystems that sustain a diverse flora and fauna.

Flourishing at a fast pace, Mohali has developed into one of the most important areas for the establishment of IT industries. Headquarters of many big IT companies such as Dell, Quark, and Philips are there in Mohali. Apart from being a major industrial city, the city has many things to offer to tourists. Plus, the newly built Mohali International Airport has made travel even easier for travelers.

There are many places to explore in Mohali and the city sees a regular inflow of tourists. The popular places to explore in Mohali include the Silvi Park, Mataur Lake, Shri Vaishno Mata Mandir, and Gurdwara Sant Mandal Angitha Sahib. But, before you plan to visit the city, check the weather of the place, as the summers here are really hot, and the winters can get extremely cold.

There are many shopping and commercial centers in Mohali for the tourists to shop around and buy some local memoirs from. The famous Mohali Cricket Stadium that plays a host to many domestic and international matches is also located here. The stadium also has the facility of a swimming pool, practice nets, and health club.

Overall, a beautiful city to explore, work, or live in, Mohali is one of the fastest growing cities in Punjab.

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