Top 5 places to visit when you are in Mohali

Top 5 places to visit when you are in Mohali

Being a home to many historically important Gurudwaras, Mohali sees a regular influx of tourists and devotees. Some important places like the Rose Garden, Gurudwara Sant Mandal Angitha Sahib and the biggest crowd puller cricket stadium is the reason why Mohali stays on top of the bucket list for many travelers.

Here are the top 5 must visit places in Mohali:

Rose Garden, Mohali

Dr. Zakir Rose Garden established in 1967 is Asia’s largest rose garden spread over 27 acres with garden houses, more than 17,000 plants and about 1,600 varieties of rose. Apart from the roses, travelers can also see a variety of plant and trees in the garden. Many family tourists with kids and nature loving couples love this place and visit often for its serenity.

Gurudwara Amb Sahib

Gurudwara Amb Sahib is a historical place in Mohali which got popular after the visit of Guru Har Rai, the seventh guru of Sikhs. It is believed that Guru Har Rai Ji performed a miracle and grew a mango tree in the gurudwara so that Bhai Kooram could serve mangoes to his guru. And the wonder is the tree still exists and the celebration is held every year where mangoes are distributed to the visitors as Prasad.

Gurdwara Sant Mandal Angitha Sahib

This three-story gurudwara is one of the holy places in Mohali and is believed that two famous Sikh personalities, Bhai Kooram Ji and Sant Baba Ishar Singh meditated at this site and worked for the development of the Sikh community. The devotees can see five tombs on the roof of the gurudwara.

Punjab Cricket Association Stadium

PCA Stadium Mohali is the only international cricket stadium of the North India. A lot of international cricket matches have been held here and the stadium has various types of seats available for the visitors. This is the place to visit for at least a match once if you love cricket.

North Country Mall

North Country mall is one of the biggest malls in the country with neat and clean ambiance. The mall has various attractions like Fun city and entertainment facilities, with an ample parking space for the visitors.

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