4 Important Reasons a Housing Society Should Have a Clubhouse

Important Reasons a Housing Society Should Have a Clubhouse

One of the key reasons why people prefer a home in a housing society rather than buying an independent house is the difference in the number of amenities. While in an independent one has to look after everything on their own and spend exorbitantly on new amenities, this is not the case in a housing society. The amenities are much higher in number and are also shared by all the residents. This makes even luxurious amenities affordable. One such amenity that a resident of a housing society gets is a clubhouse. A clubhouse is where people in the society can meet and have a great tie together. Its presence has made the homebuyers look at modern lifestyle in a different light. And if you are looking to buy a home in a housing society, make sure it has a clubhouse, here is why:

1. Common Place

In a housing society, residents live as a one big family, although they have different apartments. In this, the clubhouse acts as a common place for residents where they get to know each other. This brings the residents together and makes them better neighbors.

2. Place for Small Events

Housing societies are known for organizing big and small events and celebrate them with high spirits. These events usually include Diwali, Holi, Eid, and other national festivals. For this, the clubhouse can be utilized as a space to celebrate these festivals and events. It is where everyone comes together and revels in the celebration.

3. Playing Area for Kids

A clubhouse has equipment for both indoor and outdoor games. Children use space to socialize with each other and play. This includes indoor games like table tennis, chess, carom, etc., as well as outdoor games like cricket, football, badminton, volleyball.

4. Place to Exercise

A clubhouse is also used by the residents to do yoga and exercise every day. Its ambiance helps them concentrate better on their exercise and they are better focused and strong-willed while doing exercise or yoga at a clubhouse. Plus, they do it in groups, which motivate them to wake up every morning and head for the clubhouse.

Housing societies all over NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and Mohali have houses with a clubhouse. This increases the familial bond of the residents and keeps them together.

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