A Small Guide to Buying a Home in Ghaziabad

A Small Guide to Buying a Home in Ghaziabad

Known as the “Gateway of Uttar Pradesh,” Ghaziabad has its own share of old localities and well-developed societies and regions. However, as it is set to be the next business hub of NCR, the city has a great future ahead. If you want to invest in a residential property in Ghaziabad, now is the right time as it is under the spotlight of real estate developers and the price of the properties is quite affordable for now.

Ghaziabad, also known as the Gateway to Uttar Pradesh, is a city brimming with old localities as well as newly-developed regions. Over the past decade, Ghaziabad has seen tremendous growth in terms of real estate development. Further, it is well-connected to the other cities of the National Capital Region (NCR) by road as well as Delhi Metro. Now that Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon are the established business hubs of the NCR, the next city aiming for it is Ghaziabad. Several real estate developers have already commenced new projects in the city. Consequently, now is the perfect time to buy a home in Ghaziabad. However, before you decide to buy a home and settle in Ghaziabad, the question you must ask yourself is:

What Ghaziabad has to offer?

Currently, Ghaziabad is in the nascent stage when it comes to development. Yes, many real estate developers have commenced their projects in the city. However, the number is not sufficient at present. Since Ghaziabad is under the spotlight and is the next in line to become the business hub in NCR, more real estate developers are slowly being drawn into the city. Further, the city has been considered to be developed as one of the smart cities under the “Smart Cities Mission.” So, there is no doubt that the city is ready to see a huge infrastructural development in the coming years.

Also, in the next year or two, the city will be brimming with real estate development projects. Even now, there are several under-construction resale apartments available in Indirapuram, Vaishali, Raj Nagar Extension, and Vasundhara. Further, the price is quite affordable at this moment. Thus, it is suggested that you should look for residential properties near Delhi for better connectivity.

Now, this gives rise to the next question, which is:

Why should one buy a home in Ghaziabad?

The primary reason to consider buying a home in Ghaziabad is that it is targeted to be the next business hub in the NCR. However, since it is not the one at present, except for the industrial area in 2-3 regions, the price of the residential properties is more affordable than they will be in the coming years. This is also because there are few regions which are under construction. In addition, the low price of property can turn out to be a profitable investment if you invest in a residential property in Ghaziabad now.

As a homebuyer or a property investor, now is the right time to invest in Ghaziabad. As the time will pass, the prices will be reaching the sky owing to the higher occupancy rate. Therefore, if you have always wanted to live in the NCR region or make a good property investment, Ghaziabad is the perfect city to do it at present.

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