Essentials of a Luxury Residential Building Complex

Essentials of a Luxury Residential Building Complex

There has been a tremendous rise in the popularity of the contemporary luxury residential complexes in the last few years. The main reason for that would be the world-class conveniences and amenities provided in them. These building complexes are aesthetically pleasing and provide all the necessary comforts to their residents.

Here are the few essential elements that a good luxury residential building complex must have:


  • Every apartment should have air conditioning facilities, with a built-in modular wardrobe present in the master bedroom.
  • The kitchen should be well-designed and should have a built-in chimney and a hob.
  • The apartment should be Wi-Fi enabled and there should be IPTV services provided as well.
  • The residence which starts at the podium level should have a beautiful open view.
  • There should be fiber optic connectivity available in the apartments.


  • A dedicated service elevator should be there in every building so that the aged and differently abled people do not face any problems in going to the upper floors and coming down.
  • There should be ample parking space present near the apartments for the ease of the residents. Additionally, there should be a separate visitor’s parking area so that the guests of the residents do not face any inconvenience while parking their vehicles.
  • There should be a convenient shopping place near the building from where the residents can buy things pertaining to their daily needs. This would save the residents of the trouble of going out to the market every time they need something.
  • There should be 24hrs water supply available in the building complex. Also, there should be 100% power back up. These two factors are very important in order to aid the residents in carrying out their day-to-day tasks.


  • There should be a beautiful landscaped garden in the building complex in order to enhance its aesthetic appeal.
  • These buildings should be built bearing in mind the concept of sustainable development. Caring for the nature has become increasingly important in the modern times and therefore, these buildings should work towards that. In order to have an eco-friendly environment, these building complexes should have:

1.  Rainwater harvesting plant
2.  Sewage treatment plant
3. Water recycling facilities

Safety & Security

  • There should be absolutely no vehicular movement at the podium level in order to make it absolutely safe for walking for the residents.
  • A high-tech round the clock security facility should be present in all the buildings.
  • There should be a CCTV system installed in the parking area, as well as in the entrance lobby.
  • There should be a fire alarm system in all the common areas.

While these are ideally the essential elements of good residential complexes, buyers can also read informative blogs and articles pertaining to the real estate sector to know more about the amenities that can be expected from such residential complexes.

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