Why have Expandable Floors become so popular with Modern Home Owners?

expandable floors

Modern day living has evolved and today home buyers are just not satisfied with basic living spaces but want more innovative options. While earlier people had the option of building their own homes as per their liking, today owning a home means owning a four walled apartment that comes with a set design and structure and you can only decorate this four walled structure to your own liking and not really remodel it as per your choice.

However, now home buyers are looking for more, realtors are coming up with innovative plans that enable people to customize and model their own favorite corner, if not the entire house. This has led to the concept of expandable floors and now if you buy an apartment in a premium residential complex, you can expect to get expandable floors.

So, now that you know that even within the four-walled apartment, you can get the liberty of modeling your own space, here are some innovative ideas to help you model the same –

  • Puja Room: If you are the pious kind, you can always use the expandable floor to make a Puja room. You can make a marble temple and place the idols that you worship here or make a classy glass enclosure where you can keep a medium sized idol of the deity you worship.
  • Enclosure for Cooking Class: If you are fond of cooking and want to take your skill to the next level, you can turn your expandable floor into a cooking area where you can conduct regular cooking classes.
  • Open Space: If you just want to avoid the clutter and have some free space around, you can simply let your expandable floor be. The little extra space that you get can be carpeted with artificial grass and even be designed to hang a hammock so that you can enjoy the fresh air whenever you want to.
  • DIY Room: It is said that inventors start from things around them at home and if you have an expandable area at your disposal, you just have the space to let the inventor in you play around with ideas. You can give this place a junkyard like look and store in things that you think can come in handy to make innovative stuff.
  • Home Office: The trend of working from home has caught up in India. If you are a professional who works from home, you can always use the extra space to create your office.

And last but not the least; if you are running short of space, you may conveniently use the expandable floor to build another room that will be good and comfortable enough to accommodate your family.

Since, this idea of expandable floors has caught up with homeowners in such a big way, reputed realtors in the Delhi NCR are coming up with such projects. Therefore, if you too want to buy expandable floors in NH24 Ghaziabad, start looking for options available with reputed realtors constructing big residential properties in the city.

(Source: http://articles.org/why-have-expandable-floors-become-so-popular-with-modern-home-owners/)

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