What are the Facilities Provided to Customers by Real Estate Developers Building Smart Cities?

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To bring in all modern facilities within a single residential region, real estate developers are increasingly investing in building smart cities or hi-tech cities. In this article some of the amenities that real estate developers offer to clients purchasing homes in smart cities have been discussed. It also outlines the support provided to NRIs by the realtors.

The primary concern of first time home buyers looking to purchase an apartment or a house are the facilities available in the proximity of the property. In other words, homeowners want to ensure that the apartment is located in a region that is in close vicinity of schools, colleges, pharmacies, hospitals, postal office, departmental and other commercial centers that are required and accessed almost on a daily basis. Moreover, you will also need to consider ease of travel while purchasing a house. You definitely do not want to spend long hours commuting to and from your workplace. Taking all of these requirements into consideration, real estate developers are building smart cities or hi-tech cities that have all modern facilities and more. Some of the basic features of a hi-tech city have been discussed in the following section.

Facilities Available in Smart Cities

If you want to purchase a 1 bhk flat in Ghaziabad then ensure that it is located in a residential complex within a larger smart city. Smart cities are like townships that have all the facilities that you would find in bigger cities. Along with the regular facilities such as proximity to schools and colleges, there are many more modern amenities available only in hi-tech cities. Some of these facilities are as follows:

Excellent Internet connectivity: Hi-tech cities have modern fibre optic connectivity. This ensures that the Internet service available throughout the smart city covers a wider bandwidth making the connection itself faster. This makes the Internet connection suitable to be used both for domestic and commercial purposes.

Excellent security system: A smart city will have state of the art security system. The entire smart city will have provisions for continuous surveillance, CCTV cameras and security check posts throughout the region. Thus, safety of the residents is a priority amongst the real estate developers invested in building smart cities.

Intelligent traffic management: The roads, lanes and by lanes throughout the smart city will be centrally controlled by intelligent traffic management. This will ensure smooth movement of traffic and prevent bottlenecks. Intelligent traffic management is done from a centralized location, for efficient traffic control especially during rush hour.

Thus, if you are looking for comfort of living and complete security for your family members then you should consider purchasing a flat in a smart city.

NRI Support Provided by Realtors

Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) are increasingly investing in residential properties in India. As an NRI if you want to purchase an apartment in India, then you can expect complete support from the real estate developer. The realtor will provide you with elaborate details with regards to procuring loans from banks and financial institutions. Renowned realtors have a separate department to provide special support to the NRIs and help them purchase a suitable apartment, in which they would want to live in. So if you are looking for complete support from procuring a loan to purchasing an apartment, then you should definitely purchase the property from a renowned real estate developer.

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