Factors to Consider Before Buying a Property in Mohali


Mohali is one of the Tri-cities along with Chandigarh and Panchkula. Earlier, it used to be considered as an extended part of Chandigarh. But not anymore, as Mohali is now established as a distinct city. With infrastructure development, easy finance, hassle-free registration norms and proactive government measures, Mohali is now considered as one of the developing real estate hubs.

Whether you are looking to buy a flat in a contemporary housing society in Mohali or to buy a commercial space, you are never short of options here. All you need to do is list down your priorities and look out for an option that best suits your priorities, in order to save yourself from any confusion.

Following are the parameters you need to consider while buying a property in Mohali:

  • Budget: You must fix a budget before starting your hunt. Though Mohali shares its border with Chandigarh, property rates here are not as high as Chandigarh. Look out for different options, before sealing the deal. But, if you are getting a good property, be flexible enough to extend your budget.
  • View: It is recommended to opt for higher floors if you want an enthralling view. But, in such a case, be ready to pay extra for it. If the view is not on your priority list, you can get a good deal by opting for lower floors. So, it all depends on how important a good view is for you.
  • Connectivity/Location: When you buy a property at a prime location, you are sure to get good connectivity. From shopping malls, transportation, schools, colleges to multiplexes, everything is in your vicinity when you buy a property at a prime location. You don’t need to struggle your way and plus you save time as well. In Mohali, there are great options offering smart connectivity & prime locations, so make sure you find out about each one of them and don’t make a hasty decision.
  • Amenities: In today’s world, it’s not just a flat you live in or an office you work in; it’s about the experiences you get while being there. Therefore, amenities play a quintessential role while making a decision. As per a popular research, most of the times, buying behavior is influenced by this factor. From ample parking space, clubhouse, swimming pool, kids play area to the cricket ground, the list of these amenities is never-ending.

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