Features of Contemporary Residential Complexes In Mohali

luxury apartment in mohali

The best residential complexes of the modern times are built keeping in mind the comfort of the residents. These contemporary buildings are exclusively designed to provide the inhabitants with a relaxed and luxurious lifestyle. Many such contemporary housing societies are coming up in Mohali. Being located in a family-friendly neighborhood, these residential complexes provide the perfect residence to the people of all ages.

Here are few essential features of these contemporary residential complexes in Mohali:

  • The building complexes are elegantly designed and have a sophisticated appearance. An aesthetically pleasing home, elevates the experience of residing in it. These buildings are usually designed by renowned architectural firms and thus have an excellent aesthetic appeal.
  • There are also vast green spaces surrounding the buildings. Landscaped lawns and manicured gardens form an essential feature of such residential complexes. Having greenery all around adds to the aesthetical appeal of the places, as well as provides the residents a healthy and refreshing environment to breathe in.
  • In order to ensure the safety of all the residents, such complexes have multi-level round the clock security. There are trained security guards present near the building at all times.
  • These building structures are earthquake resistant and comply with the Seismic Zone IV design requirements applicable for the area. This feature can help in safeguarding the residents in the event of natural calamities like earthquakes.
  • These residential complexes usually have a good connectivity with the city center. Good hospitals, schools, hypermarkets etc. are also present in close proximity to these.
  • These building complexes are made keeping in mind the concept of sustainable development. They are usually located in areas that are surrounded by a green cover and also have provisions for rainwater harvesting as well as waste management.
  • These building complexes have a twenty four hours power back up. There is always un-uninterrupted power supply maintained so that the day to day task of the residents does not get disturbed, and they do not face any inconvenience.
  • There is ample parking space available for all the residents. Separate parking areas are also reserved for emergency services like police vehicles, fire brigades and ambulances.

These amenities and features are more or less always present in every prominent contemporary residential complex in Mohali. However, before making a purchase, interested buyers can always try to find out more about the feasibility of the deal by reading various blogs and articles wherein complete details of the developments happening in and around Mohali can be easily found.

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