What are the Features of Environment-Friendly Residential Complexes?


For first time home buyers, the challenge lies in selecting a property that is well-designed, luxurious and environment-friendly. Homeowners often mention the environment-friendly apartments located within properties that have extensive areas of greenery, which adds to the overall ambience of the area. Moreover, it also has a serene and tranquil effect. Hence, real estate developers are increasingly investing in properties, which are being built adhering to the norms of eco-friendly properties. Additionally, environment-friendly properties and apartments have a higher valuation, in comparison to regular residential flats. The appreciation rates of such properties are also higher than that of standalone residential complexes. Nevertheless, if you are looking for residential properties that are environment-friendly, then ensure that these have the attributes discussed in the following section.

Essential Features of Environment-Friendly Residential Properties

The management of a renowned real estate development firm, which has built service apartments in Sector 32 Noida, mention that environment-friendly residential complexes are self-sustaining when it comes to generation of electricity from a clean energy source. Most of the environment-friendly apartment complexes have facilities for the generation of electricity from solar power. The photovoltaic cells or the solar panels installed on the property, use solar energy to generate electricity. This reduces the property’s dependency on fossil fuels, thereby making the property itself eco-friendly. Some of the other features of environment-friendly properties are as follows:

  • Nearly fifty-five percent of the property will be reserved for green spaces, parks and wide roads. The greenery not only adds to the overall ambience of the property but also makes it eco-friendly. As an added advantage, the greenery provides the residents on the upper floors of the apartment complex, a beautiful panoramic view of the region.
  • The property will have solid waste management facility. This facility will prevent the accumulation of solid waste in septic tanks, which need to be cleaned periodically. With the help of solid waste management facility the property will reduce environmental pollution.
  • An environment-friendly property will also have a sewage and water management facility. Rain water harvesting is also a part of the water management facility available on such properties. As a resident, this can help in reducing your dependence on underground water or water supplied by the municipality.

Thus, purchasing an apartment located within an eco-friendly property has many advantages. Additionally, it is advisable that you purchase the apartment, from a property being developed by a renowned realtor. This will ensure that the property itself has been pre-approved for loans, by banks and financial institutions. Home loan pre-approval makes it easier for the home buyer, to apply for a loan and subsequently, ensures that the loan is approved with ease. The disbursal of the loan amount will also be quicker. Hence, it is essential that you purchase an apartment in a residential complex, being developed by a renowned real estate firm, to be assured of the legality of the transaction and proper valuation of the property. Reputed realtors will always give you the best deal as they have a reputation to keep up.

(Source: https://medium.com/@Sukhbeersingh/what-are-the-features-of-environment-friendly-residential-complexes-57d64217889)

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