Importance of Open Green Spaces in Residential Buildings

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The parks and open spaces break up the boredom of concrete and allow city dwellers the chance to connect with nature. Green spaces with the residential projects are considered to be highly beneficial for the residents living in such surroundings as they get to breathe clean air and live in a clutter-free environment.

A lot of real estate developers today are offering open spaces in the form of gardens and parks, jogging tracks, children’s playgrounds, etc., and these facilities are attracting a lot of home buyers. Along with increasing the aesthetic appeal of the property, the presence of open green spaces within a residential complex have many more advantages to offer, some of which have been mentioned below:

  • Helps the residents to embrace a healthy and happy lifestyle.
  • Facilitates rainwater harvesting and ground water recharging.
  • Solar panels can also be set up to generate solar energy.
  • Reduces utility bills.
  • Increases the resale value of the property.
  • Reduces noise pollution around the home as the dense screen of trees and shrubs around the residential areas can reduce noise pollution to a great extent.
  • Filter out the air pollution.
  • Allows the residents to take part in various outdoor activities.

You may find a number of real estate developers claiming to offer open green spaces but it is important that as a buyer, you visit the property on your own to check if it actually offers enough green spaces as proposed. In addition to this, also take into consideration the below mentioned points when evaluating such property:

  • Easy accessibility to public transport as it reduces fuel consumption and air pollution.
  • Facilities like waste water recycling, rain water harvesting and sewage treatment plans.
  • Security measures undertaken to safeguard the property from outside threats.

These are some of the simple things that you should consider when choosing a property that claims to offer open green spaces.

Also, if you are not quite aware of all the amenities to look for in such residential buildings, you can always read some articles that talk about all the standards that properties must comply with in order to proclaim that they are offering green living spaces.

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