Why Invest in a Luxury Apartment in Mohali?

luxury apartment in mohali

Most realtors try to market their projects by stating that they are offering a premium product or their apartments are designed to ensure complete luxury. However, when you plan to buy one for a premium price, always have your own parameters handy to determine if the deal offered is really worth the price and are you really getting a luxury apartment.

If you are planning to invest in a luxurious apartment, it is important for you to know the hallmarks of a genuine luxury apartment and the list below should help you identify all these pointers:

  • The location is one of the most important parameters that need to be checked when investing in any apartment. Although the location is one of the important qualifiers for a luxury apartment, if you buy a luxury apartment located in the central city junction, then you may not be able to enjoy a luxurious experience here. It is very important to see if the apartment that you are buying has the approach road that helps in the proper egress and the ingress of vehicles. But, if you buy the luxury flat which is in the middle of a lot of congestion, then this purpose will definitely not be achieved.
  • An important thing that you need to ensure is that the luxury apartment has schools, colleges, market places and hospitals nearby, for the easy accessibility of their owners. Along with everything else, you also need to be very particular about assessing the security arrangements of the place you are buying the apartment in. In addition, to the security arrangements within the gated community, you must also ensure that the crime rate of the area you are purchasing your property in is low.
  • The availability of a roof top swimming pool and also a Jacuzzi in the bathrooms might provide you with a luxurious experience inside your home. So, when a realtor says luxury apartment don’t just settle for the common pool or Jacuzzi that may be there in the complex.
  • Another parameter to judge, if the project can be regarded as a luxury apartment is the height of the floor to the ceiling. If this height is less than 12 feet, then you will not be able to get proper false ceiling done or even hang elaborate chandeliers. And, without these accessories, a luxury apartment is hardly ever complete.
  • Another very important aspect that you must check when buying a luxury apartment is the presence of parking space. A property that does not have enough parking space for the home owner’s and visitor’s vehicles is never worth a premium price.

Mohali, these days has become one of the best places for investment, because of its close proximity to Chandigarh and also due to the presence of a number of employment opportunities in the city. As a result, Indians and NRI’s alike are showing a keen interest in buying 3 BHK Luxury Apartments in Mohali. Huge land parcels are being bought every other day by top realtors and several commercial, as well as luxury real estate projects, are underway in this region. As such, investors are also getting a lot of benefit by booking properties in their soft launch stage well in advance. If you too are keen on buying property here, just look for the realtors who already have state-of-the-art projects to their credit.

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