What makes Wave One a premium commercial property in Noida?


Wave One is a 41-storey commercial edifice with built-up area of more than 2 million sq. feet. Located in the heart of Sector 18, the commercial hub of Noida, it is designed by Brennan Beer Gorman from New York, an internationally recognized architect. The tower is a fusion of global expertise and follows the philosophy of positive vibes. Its architecture is designed in compliance with Feng Shui and Vaastu to ensure the prosperity and success of the business in Wave One.

Design and Architecture:

The structure of Wave One is conceptualized, designed, and executed by a determined and dedicated team of Indians, organizations, and international professionals. The internationally renowned Brennan Beer Gorman Architects from New York, USA, have conceptualized this to offer a unique business experience. Brennan Beer Gorman Monk Interiors and Brennan Beer Gorman Architects have several international projects under their name, and are the recipient of more than 55 international awards. Furthermore, Wave One has been designed in as per the principles of Feng shui and Vaastu permit the flow of good ‘chi’ or positive energy.

The features that Wave One offers to those who want to buy commercial property in Noida include:

1. Office Space

The office space provided in Wave One has been divided into three categories: Platinum, Gold, and Silver. The Platinum office space is an amalgamation of style and luxury. These spaces provide access to a sky garden for an absolutely spectacular experience of the city. Gold offices are brimming with the advantages that the elite deserve and Silver offices have ample space and world-class ambience for high-powered business management. The provisions that these offices get include private terrace, exclusive lounge, luxurious lobby spaces, membership of health club, tennis, and swimming pool, premium specification and many more.

2. Retail Space

Wave One aims to redefine the retail experience with its retail space that offers a wide selection of outlets. The shopping extravaganza that it brings together is a blend of luxury of a mall and European experience of high street. The walkway is shaded along the perimeter with comfortable seating and beautiful landscapes.

The retail outlets at Wave One have following features:

  • 4-side open
  • 20 M sidewalk
  • Prime slot of approximately 16,900 sq. m
  • High street retail shop
  • 5.9 m of height for retail on the ground floor.

3. Food Court and Multiplex

Wave One provides the best movie viewing experience and special delicacies for the taste buds. The food court has both Fine Dining Restaurants and fast food joints. The food court is spread over the area of 42,000 sq. feet and has a common area for the diners.

The multiplex is spread over the area of 74,000 sq. feet. It has 5 screens with the total seating capacity of 1500. They are designed to provide the best movie watching experience.

With classy infrastructure, well-defined office spaces and a fine balance of amenities, Wave One has all in store for a business to set up base in one of the most prime locations in Noida.

(Source: http://waveonecommercialspace.blogspot.in/2017/08/what-makes-wave-one-premium-commercial.html)

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