Why People Are Buying Residences in Mohali and So Should You

luxury apartment in mohali

Real estate developers have always had an observant eye on Mohali. Currently, people are actively buying homes in the city. As a result, the movement of real estate developers in the past few years has stirred and they are developing the city to keep up with the demand and maximize their profit. Many IT companies have recently shown interest in the city as well. This makes you question: What is so special about the city that people, especially homebuyers, are buying residence in the city? Here is why:

1. Good Connectivity

Mohali offers exceptional connectivity by road, rail, and air. It is a booming industrial area that has a lot in its store to offer to the potential homebuyers. Great connectivity is one of the reasons that people are now actively buying residence in Mohali.

2. Affordable Prices

You can get residences with clubhouse in Mohali and other amenities at a price which you will probably not get anywhere else. The houses are luxurious and affordable. This is the ideal city for NRIs who are moving to India or people who are looking to take retirement.

3. Cricket Stadium

The booming industrial sector is not the only thing that Mohali is known for. It is more popularly known for the world-class cricket stadium located in the heart of the city. Since it is in proximity to the Chandigarh International Airport, cricket fans from all over India and abroad visit this city to watch international cricket match. So if you have a home in Mohali, you can visit the stadium and watch international cricket matches whenever there is one.

With each passing day, the demand for commercial as well as residential properties are increasing in Mohali. This is turning the real estate developers on their heels and they are commencing new projects to fulfill this demand. The fact that Mohali is in developing stage, the price of property is quite affordable right now, which is why you should buy it now. Considering the rate of development, it is needless to mention that the prices will soon start increasing exponentially.

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