Planning to Purchase an Office Space in Noida? Here’s What You Need to Look for

office spaces in noida

Though the residential property market is facing a slowdown, the commercial market is doing quite well. The demand for the office spaces in Noida is increasing due to the demand for such spaces in the banking, financial and the IT sector companies. These days, the e-commerce companies and the technology startup companies have also stimulated the demand for the office spaces in Noida.

For the investors, who are interested in getting a regular cash flow, investing in the office spaces in Noida can be quite a good decision. The office spaces, which are leased, give an annual return of about 8–10%. The income from leasing the office spaces can help you to deal with the inflation too.

When you buy space in a commercial property, you have to look into many factors as the prices and demand for commercial property are dependent on a lot of factors that are totally different from residential properties. The discussion below will throw light on those aspects that you need to know when buying office space.

  • Before making an investment in the office spaces, it is important to assess the risk involved in such an investment. The amount of risk would depend on the stage in which you invest. There are different stages of property development, and if you invest in the office space at a time when the property is under construction, or when the construction is completed but not let out, then the amount of risk involved in both these cases would vary. Again, if you invest in a property which has been completed a long time back, and also has a tenant, then the risk involved would again be different. If you invest in an office space when it is under construction, then the capital appreciation, in this case, is much higher, however, this investment also involves a very high amount of risk. The most risk-free investment is at that stage when the building is already completed and already rented out to many businesses. Another very big risk in investing in an office space in Noida is that the building might remain vacant after the expiry of a tenant’s lease agreement. This is especially true, during the economic downturns.
  • It is always advisable to invest in an area, which is economically very vibrant and will continue attracting a lot of businesses. It is very important to research about the supply of tenants that you might be getting after the building is completed. If your research shows that the demand for office spaces in a certain area of Noida is high, then there is a high possibility to get tenants in such an area throughout the year.

So, if you carefully look into these aspects, before investing in an office space in Noida, then you can be sure to get good returns.

Builders have come up with various categories of office spaces depending on the demand of customers and these are categorized based on the amenities each office space provides. Right from private terrace to exclusive lounging areas to state of the art cafeteria, the platinum office spaces in Noida have a complete range of exotic offerings.


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