What Are the Things That You Should Look For In Eco-friendly Houses?

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While purchasing a villa, it is essential to ensure that the villa has been built in accordance with the established environmental norms. Additionally, environment-friendly homes are not only ecologically viable but also healthy for residents living in them. The commercial development in Mohali and its surrounding areas have subsequently led to the building of residential complexes and colonies in the region. However, as people are becoming more and more environment conscious, most homeowners looking to purchase a villa in Mohali, insist on ‘Green Homes’.

Mohali, being a satellite city of Chandigarh, has seen a surge of commercial developments in the recent years. With the influx of individuals from the high-income group, the demand for eco-friendly houses in Mohali has increased significantly. Some of the essential features of environment-friendly homes have been discussed below.

How to Select an Environment-Friendly House?

If you wish to purchase a villa in Mohali that is environment-friendly, then ensure that it has the following characteristics:

  • Green Spaces: Usually, villas form a part of larger residential areas or colonies. While purchasing an eco-friendly villa ensure that there is sufficient greenery around the house. A significant percentage of the area within which the property is being developed should have open spaces with parks, shaded driveways, and green spaces.
  • Efficient Use of Water: Wastage of potable water can prove to be quite harmful to the environment. Thus, the entire construction project should have adequate facilities to ensure minimum wastage of water. Similarly, facilities should be available on the property premises to reuse or recycle the water. With the growing awareness about recycling of water, most high-end construction projects have inbuilt water recycling facilities.
  • Solid Waste Management: The waste generated by a house on a regular basis should be disposed of in an environment-friendly manner. Most modern day construction projects have efficient solid waste management facilities.

Thus, if you want to purchase an eco-friendly house, then ensure that all of the aforementioned facilities are being offered by the realtor.

What are the Advantages of Environment-Friendly Houses?

Although certified environment-friendly houses are two to three percent more expensive than the non-certified ones, in the long run, this is a lucrative investment. The ‘LEED India’ certification will ensure that the house you purchase is a premium one and meets all the requirements to be categorized as an environment-friendly house. Eco-friendly houses have a higher rate of appreciation and yield higher rent or valuation in case you want to sell it.

If you live in a ‘Green Home’ you can be assured of the health of all your family members. Chances of pollution-related infections reduce significantly if you live in an environment-friendly house. Thus, if you are looking to purchase a house in a thriving urban center, then opt for one that is environment-friendly because in the long term it will prove to be a lucrative investment and ensure the health of all the residents of the house.

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