3 Essential Aspects of Good Commercial Real-Estate properties


With economic and industrial development, cities around India are witnessing phenomenal growth in the real-estate sector. There are, however, several segments in the real-estate industry. These include retail, residential and commercial real-estate. Each segment has certain integral characteristics and features and is different from the others in numerous ways.

Some of the important characteristics of good commercial real-estate property have been listed below:

  • Location: The exact location of a commercial real-estate project affects its scalability and value. This is because commercial real-estate must be optimally located so as to be easily accessible from all parts of the city. It must be well-connected to different parts of the city and beyond by roads and highways. This is because, unlike residential properties, commercial buildings receive high-footfall throughout the year. Consequently, an office must be well connected to its employees and clients; while shopping malls and other recreational centres must be within easy reach of customers.
  • Structural integrity: Commercial real-estate must be constructed from material that is hard-wearing and resistant to wear and tear. This is because, when compared to residential properties, these buildings have to support a larger number of people on a regular basis. Additionally, commercial properties also have to support heavy equipment and machinery that would not be used in residential buildings. For example, many offices have photocopy machines and printers while shops have billing machines, etc. A commercial building must therefore be robust enough to sustain the necessary wear and tear without significant damage.
  • Facilities: The value of commercial real-estate is determined, to a large extent, by the facilities and amenities that it offers. Modern, high-quality commercial buildings almost universally offer amenities such as 100% power backup, fast and reliable Wi-Fi connection, hi-tech security measures and well-equipped recreational centers. These amenities not only make businesses more efficient and productive, they are also a way of attracting customers, clients and employees to the establishments housed in the commercial building.

In conclusion, it can be said that there are various factors that should be kept in mind when investing in commercial property. The ideal commercial property will depend upon the particular needs and preferences of individual businesses and their owners. To know about the best commercial cum residential projects in the fastest growing cities of India, browse through a well-known and reputable real-estate blogging site. You will get in-depth information about the amenities, investment potential and other important aspects of commercial real-estate projects across India.

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