Advantages of buying commercial cum residential apartments in Delhi NCR

commercial cum residential apartments in Delhi NCR

Living in a commercial cum residential apartment brings along a lot of benefits. Many business owners search for office spaces or commercial stores with residential flats to run their business operations. Buying a flat and commercial space altogether in the same place brings a lot of benefits to the buyers.

Here are some of the benefits of purchasing commercial cum residential apartment in NCR region Noida:

High return rate

As the NCR real estate market offers a higher rate of returns, any area linked to the capital region is bound to benefit from the appreciation in real estate, compared to other metro cities. Noida is one of the greatest NCR cities which reaps full benefit in terms of real estate investment. When you buy a property in Noida, after few years the resale value of the property will surely increase due to the real estate growth in the city.

Connectivity and transportation benefits

Infrastructure in Noida is being consistently improved by the authorities to make the city one among the best place to reside. Connectivity to other cities from Noida is great for the frequent travelers. The unveiling metro rail services are the quickest way to travel to both Delhi as well as Gurgaon. The flyover and expressways make it possible to reach South Delhi, Greater Noida, and Dadri without traffic. Also, to reach Ghaziabad, the NH-24 is the quickest way.

Commercial destination

One of the main reasons to relocate or start the business in Noida is the commercial advantage of the city. Noida is being the home to most IT companies and industries, shopping centers, business establishments, hotels, etc makes it a hotspot destination. Having a commercial property in the populous commercial city will gain a footfall for your business.

Affordable residential cum commercial property prices

The reason for the high demand of multi-use properties is the convenience of running the business while living in the same location. Another reason for buying property in Noida is the affordable prices for such properties. Noida is developing at a faster pace with a lot of government and private projects. This development attracted many home buyers and business owners to move to this city. So far now the real estate prices of the properties in Noida is affordable and expected to increase in future. Hence buying the properties at earliest seems to be the smartest option for the buyers.

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