3 Reasons to Have a Garden near Your Home

housing project with garden

When you are checking out new homes, do check if there is a garden in the nearby area. It will be beneficial for you, as well as your family. This post talks about why it is essential to have a garden near your home.

Contemporary housing has changed the perspective of homebuyers with its luxuries, convenience, and comfort. Now, homebuyers do not buy just an apartment, they also want luxurious amenities like clubhouse, gymnasium, swimming pool, etc. It is also imperative to have a garden within the housing society, and for several reasons. Let’s check out them:

  1. It filters air
    While it is important that you have trees throughout the society, you must also have a garden. Housing societies try to offer more luxuries in small area. Therefore, the societies are mostly packed with people. And because it is packed, there are more cars in the area, which means there will be pollution. The garden will make sure that the air is filtered to some extent. And if you have trees throughout the society, they will further help in filtering the air as well.
  2. It’s a good place to relax
    Biophilia is phenomenon which implies to our natural affinity towards green plants and green areas. Green plants and trees relax us. Plants refresh our soul. So if you have a garden near your home in the society, you can go there anytime and rejuvenate yourself. You do not necessarily have to walk on the footpath either. Take your shoes/slippers off and walk barefoot on the grass, especially if it is freshly sprinkled with water.
  3. It’s a good place to exercise
    Yes, the housing society has an indoor area and/or a clubhouse where you can go to do exercise and yoga with the rest of the society members. However, if you are doing exercises, it is better to do it in a garden. There, when you are surrounded by green plants, you will be able to relax better and the exercise will have more effect on your body. Out in the open, you will feel more comfortable, rather than feeling confided within the walls of the clubhouse.

Real estate developers make sure that the housing societies have at least one garden. Nevertheless, when you are checking out houses, check for gardens near it. This has become a common phenomenon in NCR. Homebuyers are now looking for a house with garden in Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad, and Delhi. Thus, most of the housing societies in NCR have more than one garden.

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