Can landscaping help in reducing the noise around your home?


Noise pollution is among the fastest growing concerns of today’s modern life. There is a lot of noise in and around your homes and that may directly or indirectly impact your health and well-being. The nuisance that noise causes can still be something you would try and deal with, but what about the harmful effects this noise can have on your health? It is therefore, important that you try and curb the noise as much as you can. But the question is how you would go about doing it, as you have no control over the ambient noises in your neighborhood. Well, nature is your answer!

Trust good landscaping for reducing noise pollution

If you have often found yourself wondering and stressing out trying to figure out – how do I reduce the noise around my home; trust the beautiful nature to help you. It might surprise you, but having a little home garden can greatly curb the outside noise. So, if your house is located in the center of the city, amidst a heavily populated area with heavy traffic, you can actually invest in some good landscaping to cut out the outside noise.

Plants that can be most effective

While almost all trees and plants can effectively cut out outside noise, there are a few that are specifically more effective in this regard.

The Leyland Cypress, for instance, is one of the most popular trees that are primarily used as a part of home landscaping. This tree grows very quickly and tends to have thick foliage, which is very effective in reducing outside noise. Arborvitae is another tree that can be quite effective in noise reduction when used in home landscapes.

Even having potted plants indoors, and along window sills, can help lessen ambient noise to a large extent. While it will not completely stop the noise from entering your home, these plants are good at absorbing a large amount of it, thereby minimizing its harmful effects.

It is not just the trees, but some small plants and shrubs too that can play a major role in noise reduction as well as contribute positively to your health. So, even if you have a small apartment, you still can have some greenery and peace at your home!

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