3 Advantages of Investing in a 1 BHK Residential Unit

Buying a property in Delhi NCR, one of the fastest developing regions of India, is a good investment option. The thriving real estate market and a lot of developments taking place in and around the area have resulted in good capital value appreciation of the properties. Right from apartments to penthouses to villas, this place boasts a plethora of property options to choose from. With low-risk and high-profit option, investing in 1 BHK residential apartment comes as a smart decision.

Wave Group, an eminent name in the real estate market, has come up with 1 BHK residential apartments in Ghaziabad in a Hi-tech project named Wave City. Scroll down to see the benefits of buying a 1 BHK flat in this spectacular project:

1. Affordable

A working professional who has just moved to Delhi NCR might find it difficult to buy an apartment here. But with Wave City’s 1 BHK residential apartments in Ghaziabad you can have the comfort of having your own house. As compared to other property options, the cost of these 1 BHK house is much lesser. If you consider it selling in future, you can easily find buyers.

Even if you plan to buy a house for investment purpose, you must buy a 1 BHK flat. With so many colleges and companies in the area, you can easily find tenants who prefer renting a small house with their friends. In this way, you will be able to get steady rental returns as well.

2. Less Property Tax and Maintenance Cost

Being a small residential unit, you don’t have to pay high property tax on 1 BHK residential apartment in Ghaziabad. These apartments require less maintenance as well. You don’t have to hire a broker or care taker to look after your property. This will further help you to save a lot of money.

3. Good Savings

If you plan to take a loan to buy 1 BHK residential apartment in Ghaziabad, the loan amount and interest rates will be quite low, much lower than big apartments or individual homes. You can easily pay off this amount in a short period of time, thereby saving money for future.

With a good number of students and working professionals in the city, 1 BHK residential apartment is the most sought-after housing option in Ghaziabad. Buying such a property in this city will certainly benefit you.

(Source: http://articles.org/a-guide-to-pick-the-best-space-for-your-office-in-noida/)

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