3 ways to Reach Office on time – Despite Heavy Traffic!

It’s 9.25, your office is just 10 minutes away and you have to punch in at 9.30 else you’d be marked late, but here you are sitting in the shared auto waiting for that fateful moment when the traffic would open and would let go your vehicle.

So, if you are tired of getting late each day, in spite of leaving from home on time, then my friend, this article is something you should definitely go through. Enlisted below are 3 ways to reach office on time.

Hire a private helicopter in summers

Summers have clear skies and the Sun shines brightly illuminating the farthest corners of the city. So, consider booking a private helicopter to reach office on time. The journey would be of few minutes and you’d face minimum air traffic. Even though you might have to spend a little more than the usual, but hey! You reach office on time…

Swim or buy a speed boat in Monsoon

Indian roads can even compete with the dense canal network of Venice during monsoons. The roads are inundated with water. So, when in monsoons the cars are stuck in a narrow line that moves at a snail’s speed, you can actually escape the traffic with your speed boat or just swim to your office.  Getting infected with some diseases is a chance, but hey! You at least reach the office on time!

Make fitness your goal

Winters in the northern part of India are like no other and you can make the most of it. Get in your track pants and run to your office. Firstly, you become healthier and secondly you reach office on time.

OR Simply look for apartments near a metro station.  If you search actively enough, you will be easily able to spot residential projects that are located in close proximity to the metro station. Take a metro to the nearest metro station of your office and reach your office in time and in proper condition.


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