Advantages of living in a housing project with a garden

housing project with garden

Gardens add beauty to the world and help heighten people’s awareness and appreciation for all things green and natural. We’ve always discussed how plants and trees can help filter rainwater, helping keep our surroundings and groundwater clean. There are several reasons why gardens are necessary for a community and its people.

If you are looking to invest in a new housing project, we’d suggest considering a housing project with a garden, along with the other factors which you would normally look for. Here’s why

Gardens add to the community feeling

Community gardens, as a part of a housing project, help increase a sense of community ownership and also bring people together. No matter what backgrounds they come from, people make efforts to maintain the garden together, also building community leaders. Community gardens truly offer a focal point for community organization and promote community-based efforts to deal with all kinds of concerns.

Gardens can help improve health

Housing projects with gardens can be beneficial for kids and can be a factor in them being healthier. As people spend more time surrounded by green space and breathe in fresher air, they consume manageable amounts of local pollen, which helps develop stronger immunity. Such green places around the house also reduce stress and increase a sense of wellness.

Gardens provide cultural opportunities

Common gardens in a society tend to offer unique opportunities to the residents. They can take advantage of the experience of elders and have a significant inter-generational exposure to different cultural traditions. It offers a cultural exchange of habits and festivals and learning about other communities.

Gardens indirectly help in crime prevention

Community gardens offer an opportunity for neighbors to meet and spend time outdoors. Many people use gardens to build block clubs and neighborhood associations, which can help increase eyes on the street and awareness of activities taking place around them. Several studies also prove that housing projects with gardens are recognized as an effective strategy for community crime prevention.

Besides, common community gardens help restore oxygen to the air and contribute to the reduction of air pollution. It, of course, provides the much needed green space in otherwise modern neighborhoods, which typically have less access to greenery. With so many benefits and uses, you should consider the availability of a well-maintained garden as an important part of your housing investment.

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