Advantages of having the parking garages in the workplace and residential buildings.

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Getting an office with parking space is one of the biggest concerns of the employees working in Noida and Ghaziabad. Due to various security and safety reasons, having a parking garage in the office and residential building itself is the best option to park vehicles.

Here are some of the benefits of having a parking garage in the building:


Employees after a tiring day at work don’t want to walk to the parking area which is located far away from their workplace for picking their vehicles. Many commercial office spaces in Noida have started providing parking facilities in their own buildings to facilitate the employee.

Parking fee savings

Whenever the vehicle owners reach out to the private parking zones to park their vehicles they have to pay hefty parking fees. Many flats in Ghaziabad started providing parking zones to their residents at affordable prices.

Safe from the elements- rain, snow, wind

One of the main advantages of having a parking garage facility in the building is protected from natural calamities like rain, snow, and other forms.

Protects from dings and scratches from elements or other vehicles

When you leave the vehicle in outdoors there is a possibility of damages like dents and scratches to your vehicle from other vehicles and falling tree branches. Having a safe parking garage in the building will keep your vehicle safely.

Keeps vehicle away from the temperature extremes

Due to heavy heat and extreme cold exposure in the outdoors, your vehicle may get damaged. Having an underground parking garage in the building you work and live will safeguard your vehicle from temperature extremes.

Less likely to have theft or vandalism

No vehicle owner will likely take risk of leaving vehicle outdoors which has maximum possibilities for exposing it to theft and vandalism. Parking the vehicle in a garage inside your building will eliminate those threats. Also, the security cameras and watch person in the building parking garages will provide extra security from the threats to the vehicle.


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