Which Bonsai trees are suitable for high-rise apartments?

Bonsai trees

Perhaps your tremendous love for the Maple tree is not enough for it to start rooting in your flat at Ghaziabad. Well, this blog will suggest you some fantastic ways to experience those exotic flowers blooming in your drawing room, here in Ghaziabad itself!

Most of us have tried planting the money plant, bamboo as well as many other shade loving plants inside our homes but to no avail. Instead, consider the practicality of the situation, and plant bonsai trees at the affordable flat in Ghaziabad you’ve just bought to add a ‘cool’ quotient to it.

Here is a list of the various types of bonsai trees which can be planted in your flats or offices in Ghaziabad:

Ficus bonsai tree:

This genus has approximately 850 species; you can choose any one of them. It can be placed outdoors during summers but needs proper housing during winters as it cannot bear frost. It requires moderate watering and regular pruning to maintain a good shape. It requires repotting preferably in spring season every alternate year.

Cherry bonsai tree:

The best thing about this plant is that it is not genetically modified; it is grown by the regular seeds of the fruit. It is generally planted for its beautiful flowers; it needs sunny environment along with mild winds (not too much). You can buy a seed online or even try growing it from the usual seeds of the fruit.

Bougainvillea bonsai tree:

Bougainvillea is a common sight in our gardens but having this indoors can be amazing. These beautiful flowers are originally from South America. This sub-tropical tree has various varieties with different colored flowers. It requires normal watering and requires repotting every two to three years.

Bahama Berry bonsai tree:

This tree looks slimmer, more graceful and smells better in its bonsai form compared to its original form. The trunk of the bonsai tree is twisty in nature which makes it look extremely elegant. Other popular names for this tree are Moujean Tea, Pineapple Verbena, as well as “I Dry, I Die”. It requires a lot of maintenance, in turn, offers unmatched fragrance.

These bonsai trees make for a great value-add to families who opt for high-rise affordable flats in Ghaziabad, so choose and plant the ones you like the most.

(Source: https://nishantsingh-world.tumblr.com/post/162702410637/which-bonsai-trees-are-suitable-for-high-rise)

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