Help! I have to move to Ghaziabad.

There are some people in the world who love the chance to move to a new city because of their jobs; but then there are some, who have become well-accustomed to their life and location and asking them to move would be akin to torture in their eyes. Regardless of the category you fall into, if you are living in a big city like Gurgaon or Delhi, the thought of having to move to a new place, like Ghaziabad, would be unbearable to you. Sometimes however, the move is inevitable. Sometimes, your job requires you to relocate to Ghaziabad, and if the thought invariably leads to an internal scream – Help! I have to move to Ghaziabad, this blog is probably for you. We have collected a list of ways to avoid the move altogether.

Talk about it

You should try to first talk to your boss. Talking will of course make your bosses not like you and treat you as a bad worker, but hey, at least you don’t have to move. You might be looked over when it comes to promotions and your appraisals might not be as hefty as you might have once expected, but again, you get to stay.


Show that you have it in you to take the first step. March into your boss’s cabin and tell them that they cannot treat you like this. Then and there, you will need to state your intention to quit and then match the actions to the words. This is probably a good option as you could find a new company and state at the time of the interview that you will never relocate to Ghaziabad.


Give up on your dreams

This is more like a secondary course to follow after you quit. You could simply lose faith in capitalism and official hierarchies and quit life completely. Most people leave this kind of life for after retirement, but don’t let that stop you. Give up on all your aspirations and leave your city for the mountains, on a quest to find inner peace.


Fake your death

Warning: This is an extreme step and can lead to a life of imprisonment if caught. DO not attempt this step until and unless you are sure that you have no other options.
Now we’ve got the preliminary warning out of the way, you can fake your death. It will require a lot of preparation, which is all illegal, and then you can start an entirely new life, with a new name.
Alternatively, you could try going AWOL and then having a friend or someone from the family tell whoever is calling from work about how you passed away. Just remember to say that there are no rituals left, otherwise someone might insist to visit and that’s just a lot of bother.


Accepting the inevitable

If you are just not up to all the efforts that go into each of these ideas, or if you’re just tired of fighting the Man, you could accept this change of location. However, to quiet down that internal “Help! I have to move to Ghaziabad” voice, you can at least look for one of the great townships in the city; and let us tell you, there are some societies in Ghaziabad that will almost make it worth the move.

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