Here’s how to go about decorating your dream villa

Armonia Villas in Ghaziabad

Decorating the interiors of a home can be quite a tricky task and especially when it comes to decorating such huge spaces as in villas, the job becomes tougher. A well decorated villa not only reflects your personal taste but also gives you a cozy abode where you can lead your life the way you want to. So, here are some quick design tips that will help you decorate your villa well.

Space utilization: Villas having larger areas, both open and closed than the regular apartments, need to be decorated wisely. It is not only important to decorate the interiors wisely well with the right kind of furniture and decorative items but it is equally important to decorate the exterior spaces well. The garden, porch, foyer and for that matter, even the drive way needs to be carefully decorated in order to make that statement.

Thematic Decoration: You can always decorate your villa thematically to make it all the more classy and different. You can either have a regal look all around the place or a bohemian feel all over. People mostly have distinct themes for particular rooms but having a thematic decoration all around can certainly be a different and unique way to decorate the house.

Lighting arrangements: You can give a royal and classy look to your villa by installing the right kind of lights around. While the exteriors can have lights with an upward beam, those in the drive way should be such that they can illuminate the path. An antique chandelier in the porch and some LED lights at the base of the trees along the entrance can really highlight the entrance of the villa. Inside the house too, you can have hanging lights in the corners, small illuminators along the spiral stair way as well as chandeliers in the living room.

Indoor and outdoor plants: Plants are an essential aspect of any home and if arranged wisely can transform the complete look and feel of the place. If you have moved into the Armonia Villas in Ghaziabad you will already get to enjoy a lot of greenery around as that is how the townships are built, still you can always have little planters along the window sills all over the house and even the porch. In these planters you can grow anything from the little seasonal flowers to herbs that you may need in the kitchen.

Using the above designing ideas you can always give your villa a unique and fresh new look that is pleasing to your eyes as well as those of the visitors too.


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