Things that good tenants hate!

Being a landlord can make you crazy. Not literally, but you can thank your tenants for that! Late rent, property damage, dirty rooms and bathrooms, are a few things that can frustrate you as a landlord. But that’s your side of the story. Have you as a landlord ever wondered that your behavior is pretty much the same towards your tenant as well?

It may not strike to you, but if you look closely, you’ll know it much better. Whether you realize it or not, there are many things that you do which can annoy your tenants. And some of them even drive them crazy!

With much being said about on the landlord’s front, here’s the tenant side of the story. Let’s do our bit to troubleshoot a few differences on the tenant’s front.

  • Ignorance is not bliss here

Frankly speaking, there is big difference between ignoring and disturbing someone. Good tenants just hate being ignored, even more than being disturbed unnecessarily. While you expect your tenants to pay rent on time, but you ignore when they reach out to you. Trust is two-way, respond to your tenant’s request within a reasonable time-frame.

  • Ambiguous rules

“Read my mind”, doesn’t work here. Clearly spell out everything that you expect your tenants to follow in the lease. Being upfront about the rules can save a lot of curt talks and uncomforting situations.

  • No parking!

Housing society with parking in Ghaziabad” – attractive banner, isn’t it? Parking space is just as important as the actual living space. Your tenant needs to know about the parking and its policies. And if the house doesn’t have a parking, then you should have multiple backup options for parking.

  • Unwelcome surprises

People like being valued! Leaving aside the good ones, some surprises aren’t so welcome. Good tenants hate bad surprises. Keep them informed about unexpected inconveniences and problems, and let them have time to work around inconveniences.

  • No rudeness please!

This is a no-brainer. Whether your tenant is good or bad, rude behavior is uncalled for; be stern instead.  Always remember- “Treat others as you would like to be treated”.

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