Tips for Drowning the Noise near Your Home

Tips for Drowning the Noise near Your Home1

“It’s too noisy around my home” – more often than not, this is a real issue faced by homeowners all over the world. I too tried to combat the nuisance, but being weakly willed I gave up the fight mid-way and moved to a quiet and so much more serene apartment. But for those of you who still are battling it out, I applaud you, and I have a number of tips that can help you stick to your abode and not be driven out, as the noise around my home made me.


Fighting fire with fire: No one is much bothered by the noise they make themselves, so go ahead and make such a racket that all the noise around your house is drowned out. Well, no don’t do that, I joke! Here are the real tips:

Get rid of the noise makers

If you can’t do much about the outside noise, begin with the inside noise. This does NOT mean sending your kids away to the neighbor’s house to play (though that would help too), whenever you buy a new appliance, try to look for the premium, quieter versions.

Absorb, not reflect

Hard surfaces reflect sound waves, while soft surfaces absorb them. There are a lot of ways to play with this information for your comfort. Acoustic ceilings, padded carpeting, sound blocking curtains, etc. are some things that can help you wage war against noise.

The biggest openings

The biggest openings in any room are, of course, the doors. Even if you’re not remodeling your entire house, you can still get the doors changed. Sound blocking door, with weather-proofed edges, can make a lot of difference to the noise inside the house. Remember that the maximum noise doesn’t come through the door, but around it. That is why weather-proofing (or weather-stripping) is necessary. You could even use simple adhesive backed foam tapes for this purpose. The same goes for windows as well.

If you’re not ready to move to a quieter property, I wish you all the best in your battle and hope that these tips will prove to be great allies to you.

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