Is your home in Mohali ‘Neo Middle Class’ enough?

Modern Housing in Mohali

Be it for the sole motive of ditching the clamorous Chandigarh, an unwelcomed yet helpless shift in your workplace location or the sheer desire to get closer to nature – numerous reasons could be the driving force behind your search for a dwelling in Mohali.
Now going around looking for a modern house, while being unaware about what you want your house to be like, doesn’t sound much of a plan. So you can either break your head and formulate one or simply ‘CTRL C+ CTRL V’ the pragmatic ideas below –

Close to key landmarks

If you or any of your esteemed guests have ever been lost while making it to your home, you probably know how important landmarks can be. Having a house close to a key landmark would not only make your address a little concise but also prove easier for people to reach you.
Believe it or not, but is located close to a major landmark in your area, is your key to being – Neo middle class.

Spacious and bright

Be it day or night, your place must always be spacious and bright. Glass windows in wooden or perforated metal panels in this regard would be a good investment on your part. and hey, you can always invest well when you do well.
Need a hint? Get straight line contemporary windows (with ample glass area) installed in your modern housing unit in Mohali, and it will unabashedly reflect how well you are doing.


Staying in an accessible location should be one of your priorities unless of course, you wish to be henpecked by your wife to drive her to the mall, parlor, groceries and what not. Accessibility will also help ensure that you always reach your office on time and escape the boss’s wrath.
Live like the man of the house. Don’t be the driver.

Security setup

In order to get a successful outcome, you must strike up an effective pair. And a door lock is simply not one of them. Since you are already heading towards a better way of life, your selection must reflect more class, even it takes a vault security system for you to achieve it.

Eco-friendly development

When living in a modern housing society in Mohali, you’ve got to act like you have your swag sorted, for instance being a nature lover. Well if you can’t make it, try your best to fake it. How? Well, start by getting eco-friendly developments made in your house. While planting trees is oh-so-old fashioned, you could instead head for a house with water conservation techniques installed. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

So there you have it, your short and sweet guide to reflect the modernity in your living and thinking. Now go ahead and cash in on it.

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