What are the Benefits of Living in an IGBC Certified Residential Property?

residential property

When you decide to invest in a residential property, it is important to evaluate all aspects of the apartment and the apartment complex, before you proceed with the transaction. Renowned real estate development firms, in order to meet client requirements, ensure that the apartment complex, as well as the individual units, come replete with numerous facilities.

Certifications Acquired by Real Estate Development Firms

Realtors also acquire certifications from designated authorities like the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) to assure clients that the property has been developed adhering to the various environment protection laws. Environmentally safe buildings do not cause air pollution, thereby guaranteeing the health of the residents in the apartment complexes. Similarly, there are other certifications that Realtors acquire to assure clients of the quality of construction and the construction materials used in developing the residential property. Thus, before you purchase a residential property discuss with the executive associated with the real estate development firm, about the certifications that have been granted to the particular residential complex.

Importance of Purchasing a Flat in an IGBC Certified Apartment Complex

If you are looking for 3 BHK Apartments in Mohali then check out the residential properties being developed by renowned real estate developers. This will assure you of the legality of the transaction because renowned realtors ensure that all documents relating to the development of the respective residential properties are updated and meet all legal requirements. Additionally, the legal team of the realtor will also work towards acquiring the requisite certifications to inspire client confidence. Nevertheless, when you decide to purchase a particular apartment, you should personally check if the property has been certified by the IGBC for the following reasons:

It has been found that people living in eco-friendly apartments tend to lead healthier lives. The areas around environment-friendly apartment complexes tend to have lesser levels of pollution, thereby ensuring the health of the residents. Hence, by living in an environment-friendly apartment, you can ensure the health of your family members.

  • The IGBC certification is granted only if the construction materials used in building the apartment complex are all environment-friendly. The construction materials used will not cause air pollution. The IGBC certified buildings also ensure that the air quality of the region is enhanced
  • The certification ensures that the buildings are both energy and water efficient. In other words, there will be facilities available in the apartment complex, which will minimize wastage of water.
  • If the IGBC certification has been acquired by the real estate development firm, then you can be assured that most of the constructions done by the realtor have been carried forward adhering to guidelines of building environment-friendly apartment complexes.

Thus, to ensure the health and safety of your family you should consider purchasing an apartment which is in an IGBC certified apartment complex. It is also advisable that you purchase the apartment from a renowned real estate development firm. Usually, the IGBC certification is granted only to reputed realtors who have been consistently involved in building environment-friendly residential properties, so merely having the certificate in a way speaks volumes about the realtor’s position in the market.

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