Why should you Buy Flats in Projects that have IGBC Green Home Gold Rating?

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When you purchase an apartment, it is essential to evaluate all aspects of the building complex. Apart from other things, it is important to ensure that the project has received a positive rating from the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC). As it is evident from the nomenclature of the Council, it provides certification to buildings, both existing and under construction, whether or not these buildings have been built with regard to existing ecological requirements. Some of the essential features of the IGBC ratings have been discussed below.

What is IGBC Rating?

The IGBC will evaluate a particular building for the methodologies implemented to reduce the environmental impact of the building. The IGBC rating is provided by taking into account the architectural design of the building, water conservation, energy efficiency, building materials used, quality of the environment within the complex and innovations introduced while constructing the building. On evaluating a particular building for all these aspects the ratings are provided in the following manner:

  • A building with a score range of 40 to 49 will receive a basic IGBC certification.
  • A building with a score range of 50 to 59 will receive a ‘Silver’ certification.
  • A building with a score range of 60 to 74 will receive a ‘Gold’ certification.
  • A building with a score range of 75 to 74 will receive a ‘Platinum’ certification.

Thus, depending on the environmental impact of a building the IGBC will provide it with a specific certification

What are the Benefits of IGBC Ratings?

For aesthetically designed flats in Noida that have received a positive rating from IGBC, you can be assured that the water and energy consumption of the building as a whole will be less in comparison to a non-certified apartment complex. This will help you save on the energy bill.

Wave Infratech, a renowned realtor, has been proactively constructing buildings in the Delhi National Capital Region (NCR) that have received the ‘Gold’ certification from IGBC. This means that Wave City Center and other projects constructed by Wave Infratech are ideal for buying new and comfortable apartments.

(Source: https://wavecitycenternoidasite.wordpress.com/2017/01/06/why-should-you-buy-flats-in-projects-that-have-igbc-green-home-gold-rating/)

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