Entertainment Options that Buyers look for in High-end residential complexes

luxury apartment in mohali

Most people today prefer to buy apartments within residential complexes as they get to enjoy all amenities within the gated premises. This increase in demand in apartments within gated colonies has led some of the biggest developers to launch mega-scale projects wherein within the same boundary people can get everything, right from shopping malls to cinema halls to fine dine restaurants and now the situation is such that home buyers evaluate the worth of a property based on the availability of such amenities. So, if you too are looking to buy a 3 BHK Apartment in Mohali or some other Tier II city, you may want to check for the following amenities before making the final purchase decision.

Shopping Complex: Well this is now the most essential component of a gated complex. Presence of a shopping complex is not just a luxury but also a basic necessity as people staying in such gated colonies need a place from where they can get the items of daily need. However, now in the integrated townships where there are office spaces along with residential areas within the same boundary, the shopping complexes have become much more than the regular grocery store. These days even big fashion brands and departmental stores have their outlets in such townships. So you too may want to opt for an apartment that offers such facilities.

Club: While earlier in gated colonies, the presence of a community center was considered as a big plus, these days the expectations have increased. What people look for now are clubs with all amenities so they do not have to go out of their premises to enjoy their weekends with friends and family.

Fine Dine Restaurant and Café: Most integrated housing complexes nowadays also have fine dining as well as casual dining options so guests can enjoy a family dinner or a date with their partner without really having to drive all the way to the city center in the evening traffic. This amenity too has become an essential in most modern townships.

If you too want to buy an apartment within one such township, you must look for projects that have been launched by reputed developers as they come complete with all such amenities and are even situated in prime locations in the city.

(Source: https://waveestatepunjab.wordpress.com/2017/09/13/entertainment-options-that-buyers-look-for-in-high-end-residential-complexes/)

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