What makes Noida a dream destination for prospective resident-buyers?

noida dream destination

The city of Noida (or New Okhla Industrial Development Authority), is considered to be one of the most well-planned and highly developed Indian cities. Lying in the state of Uttar Pradesh and one of the most prominent cities in the Delhi NCR region, Noida is considered to be among the richest civic bodies in India. Here are some of the definite highlights and features of Noida –

  • Multitudes of professional prospects pertaining to the BPO, BTO, and KPO fields exist in Noida.
  • Noida is well known for its highly developed industries from pharmaceutical to automobile, and more.
  • Noida is considered to be one of the most prominent media and entertainment hubs in the country.
  • Multiple connectivity options by rail, air, and roads, including the greater Noida expressway are present here.
  • Recreational hubs and parks such as the Noida Botanical garden dot this city.

The reasons for buying a residential property in Noida –

Noida holds some of the most distinct and attractive features for all potential resident buyers, most of whom are keen to have a home around Noida, or better yet in it. Here are some of the reasons why you should definitely consider buying a residence near Noida metro station

  • Brilliant connectivity features – The city of Noida is loaded with a number of highly essential connectivity options and features. To name a few of them and the places that they connect –
Name Connectivity
Noida-greater Noida Expressway 6 lane highway connecting Noida- Greater Noida – – the Industrial suburb of Delhi
Delhi Noida Direct Flyway 9.2 KM long flyover expressway connecting Delhi to Noida
  • Slew of professional prospects – Noida is noted to comprise of a slew of professional prospects related to BPO, KPO, BTO services, etc. Prospective residents can partake in these services for employment-related purposes and to attain their services as well.
    • Multitudes of feature and amenity-rich residential spaces – Due to the above-mentioned features and amenities, Noida is known to comprise to multiple residential amenities. From independent Kothis and bungalows to residential complexes, they are all available. Best of all, prospective residents can even avail these from the convenience of them being around his or her home.

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