How to Find Parking near Apartments

Call it a population explosion or call it mass migration to metropolitan cities, but the fact remains that we are slowly running out of habitable space. Thank God for apartments, right? Well, not exactly; even though with apartments, you can fit more people into a square foot area, by the age old practice of “stacking ‘em up”, it really does not do much for our cars. You all know what we mean! You get home after a long day at work, you drive through your gated residential complex, but then you’re stumped because someone has parked into your spot. Worry not! Here are some ways in which you can be assured of having a parking space near your apartment:


Assign Kids

If you have kids, or there are kids where you live, you can pay them to keep people away from your spot while you’re away at work. Fair warning: if they aren’t your kids, parents will look down on this practice. Plus, it only works when they are free, don’t have homework, don’t have exams, and are in the mood to help you.


Nail Belts

There are nail belts available that you can put down in your spot. These are visible from afar and the fear of puncturing their car should help keep people away from taking up your parking space. The cons of this idea are that every time you get back, you’ll have to get off your car and remove the belt, before you can park. Also, someone else might just do the same thing and remove the belt. This way you will not only lose your parking spot, but also your nail belt. We can’t be sure, but someone might also launch a police complaint against you.


Go for Fitness

This idea isn’t exactly a solution for parking near your apartment, but it does have a lot to do when it comes to fitness. Simply give up looking for a parking space near your apartment and find a convenient spot to park, albeit far away. The daily walking up and down from the car will help you stay healthier.


Be a Nuisance

This one will take time; but every time someone parks at your spot, create a ruckus. Don’t let anyone apologize, create a scene, and let the air out of their tires, you get the idea? While people will avoid parking in your spot, there is a major downside to this as well. You will be the mark of a number of pranks by children, someone might take genuine offence at your behavior, and everybody will most certainly hate you in your society.


OR Do Your Research

You could give the aforementioned ‘hacks’ a try. Who knows? They might just work for you; however, the chances of them failing are much more. A simple solution to finding parking space near your apartment could be in you doing your research and looking for apartments that offer ample space that is marked out for residents and for guests.


The next time you’re looking for an apartment, remember to consider the parking space criteria; you don’t want to be left trying out some bizarre maneuvers to claim a parking spot.

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