Living in Ghaziabad? Here’s how to stay safe.

Ghaziabad is a residential haven for those who work in Noida, and even those who toil their way, every day to the far flung reaches of Delhi. The great thing is that it has sprawled rather favorably when it comes to housing societies, making the area much more digestible for those who are prospecting Ghaziabad as their place of residents.

Anyone with a bit of foresight can understand that when you are investing in a residential property, having one close to the highway, in this case NH24, is an undeniable plus. But even then, it is your earnest responsibility to select a housing society that is the safest one in Ghaziabad, and make your own provisions as well. To start with, here’s what you should do –

Get Home security system installed

Buying and installing a home security system is an advanced method of ensuring security for your property as well as yourself and your family when you are within the property. There’s a rare chance that burglars will break into your house if you have a monitored home security system installed. With that you will be almost as free as a bird with no worries of break-ins pulling you down.

Be prepared

Awareness and advance preparation is always the smarter way out. Being on the lookout for dangers that may come any time, inside or outside your house, can help avoid them. But you also need to equip yourself, like carrying pepper sprays, knife or even a registered gun with you wherever you go. Personal safety measures will also give you courage and confidence.

Get a dog

When the time comes, you will know that a dog can be more than your partner in loneliness. Coming with their remarkable ability to sense trouble, dogs can be your natural security alarms. A dog will stay awake in watch as you catch up with sleep. Besides waking up their masters by barking, some dogs also attack intruders or atleast scare them away.

Go into hiding

What better way to take attention off yourself than going into hiding. Block your windows, draw the curtains, lock your doors, and turn low the lights. In short assume as if you never existed. Let no one know of your whereabouts. Let your neighbors think you are out vacationing. Neither make nor receive any calls. Now that would be full-on stealth, wouldn’t it?!

OR Move to a safe housing society

While the above mentioned methods to ensure safety for oneself and one’s family are all tried and tested, let’s agree on the fact that they all are a bit tedious in one way or the other. How? Well to begin with, home security systems are not as cheap as you may think. Next, getting a licensed gun is again not a cakewalk either. You can definitely get a dog, but if you cannot take out time from your busy schedules to take care of the animal, don’t even think in this direction.

Going into hiding may not cost you any money, but are you really willing to give up the society and the world? In light of this, your best and the most practical option is to settle down in the safest housing society in Ghaziabad with in-built security measures, they but also have guards at the gates. Every individual that visits you has his/her name noted in a register with the entire activity being recorded in the multiple security cameras.

If it were a cocoon, would you mind being coiled up in that considering it is keeping you concealed from the harsh elements of the outside? We are pretty sure you wouldn’t. Get smart, and invest your money in the safest housing society in Ghaziabad.

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