Acting like You’re Rich when You’re Not

We have all at some point heard – dress for the job you want, and not for the one you have; even if we haven’t seen any real time usage of this nuance (we’d all dress up like Batman, don’t even lie). Well, acting rich is pretty much the same thing. Make it your go-to approach if you’re on your way up, or just consider it as a lifestyle if you’re too lazy to work hard.


The Bulging Wallet

A big fat wallet always looks good. Sure, everyone uses cards and mobile wallets these days, but there is something to be said about a fat wallet and the rustle of notes.

Tip: Keep about 2K in your wallet, but keep it as a healthy mix of 500 and 100 notes. By all means, keep using digital payment, but at least your wallet looks fat.


The Key Chain

The car you drive makes a big difference in a rich appearance. So make sure that what people see is not what you drive.

Tip: Even if you are driving a broken hatch of a car, keep your keychain game up, making sure that your keychain screams “affluent sedan” or “in-fashion urban SUV”. Don’t let people see you arrive or leave in your car, and always keep the keys in full view.


The Active Social Life

A social life is nothing unless it’s on Facebook.

Tip: You obviously can’t spend money at swanky spots every week, so just go there, check-in, maybe throw in a selfie, and leave! No beer! Just Selfie and check-in!


Use the Lingo

Acting rich is nothing if your words don’t match.

Tip: Learn the meanings and pronunciations of big words like hors d’ oeuvres, foie gras, amuse bouche, etc. and use them in conversations.


Your Abode

Give your act the perfect background and look for a luxury home for cheap.

Tip: Lucky for you, you can easily find a luxury home within your budget these days. The way these places are designed and built, people will definitely believe you. Plus, it’s always awesome to live in a good looking home, especially if you’ve found that luxury home for cheap.


Work hard to get where you want to be, but till then, act like you’re already there!

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